Lingam massage in London

Lingam massage


If you’re looking for exquisite pleasure and total stress relief, our lingam massage is the one for you. Our special lingam massages are an infusion of pure delight and spine-tingling pleasure that will leave you wanting more every single time. A lingam massage is essentially a massage for the penis, but before you say anything, it’s so much more than a handjob. Why? Well for starters, our highly trained masseuses know many tantalising tricks that can leave you shake and tingle with desire. Trust us when we say they know more about pleasuring a man than a man knows his own body.

Our masseuses don’t just provide massages, they provide exotic experiences. The orgasms you’ll experience at the hand of our naughty devils will be intense, deep and explosive. You’ll be totally drained and satisfied for days. Are you feeling horny and want to get those naughty thoughts out of your head so you can concentrate better at work? Come and see one of our sexy angels and they can sort you right out. Whether you want some sweet vanilla or something more twisted, teasing and terribly naughty, our Asian masseuses can put on any personality for you.

When you choose a lingam massage with a Nude Asia Island masseuse, you choose quality and luxury. Your Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese or Thai goddess will start by slowly undressing you and stroking each bare patch of skin as she goes. She will trail her hands down your body and gently caress you with her soft lips. Sensual massage oil will be stroked all over you. The masseuse will tease you by deliberately ignoring your gradually hardening penis. She will lightly trace circles round your penis, stroking between your legs and gently cupping your balls. She might even lick all the way up from your balls to your penis’s tip. You’ll be shaking with pleasure, getting hotter and hotter until she finally grabs you. Then the fun truly begins. She will use various techniques, stroking, pumping and sucking on you. She will pull you back and forth from the edge of orgasm until you explode. Your happy ending will be very happy indeed.

And it’s not just a massage – our girls provide full service too! You pick whether you want to play it safe with a handjob, blowjob or something even more devilish.

What’s included in the massage:

- 1 hr+ of sensual, teasing massage time

- Choice of sexy Asian masseuse (choose from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese or Thai)

- Full body erotic massage

- Handjob

- Blowjob

- Full service

- Optional upgrade to 4 Hands (two masseuses)

- Multiple happy endings

- Never-ending, intense pleasure


1 Hour £120
2 Hours £240
Each Additional £100


1 Hour £140
2 Hours £280
Each Additional £120

Amy 21 Korean

Lilly 20 Japanese

Lisa 20 Korean

Foxy 22 Japanese

Isabelle 21 Japanese

Akemi 20 Korean

Misty 23 Japanese

Yoshi 20 Korean

Suzu 21 Korean

Nelly 22 Korean

Yuki 23 Korean

Anna 22 Japanese

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