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Nuru massage


Massage therapy is good for a lot of things, but what most people don’t realise is that it can be toe- curling pleasurable; leaving you begging for more. Of all of our oriental massage styles, Japanese Nuru massage is by far the most intimate. You can literally feel the warmth of our masseuse’s breath tickling the inside of your thighs. The naked body of a stunning Asian beauty is a thing of awe- but imagine having her curves, ass and huge breasts literally in the palm of your hands. Well, there’s no reason to imagine it- it could be a reality if you want it to be.

Our Nuru massage isn’t like most massages- it incorporates slippery Nuru gel which makes close, and incredibly sexy, body to body contact possible. Have you ever done a Slip ‘n’ Slide before? Well imagine that- except you’re the mat and your masseuse is the one sliding all over you. Feel your breath deepen as she slowly undresses before your hungry eyes, as she slides her knickers over her hot ass. Feel your body tingle and shake as she gently kisses your neck whilst expertly stimulating your penis. But don’t worry- the fun doesn’t end there.

Our massage isn’t rushed- it is slow, sexy, sensual and sensationally erotic. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure as your naughty little masseuse gyrates and grinds her sweet ass over every inch of your body. Grunt and groan with nearly unbearable arousal as a pair of meaty, bouncy breasts rub across your face. But if you ask nicely, you might be allowed to touch too!

Whilst your chosen masseuse will use her hot body to massage yours- sliding and grinding her groin all over you- this is just the warm up. Feel your entire body tingle and shake in pleasure as your masseuse uses her tongue and lips to tease and lick your hard penis. Experience what it feels like to have a totally mind-blowing orgasm, after being edged to the point of no return time and time again. Finally get the happy ending finish you have dreamed of as every sense in your body screams with euphoria. That gentlemen, is what our Japanese Nuru, naked massage feels like- so what are you waiting for?

What is included in the massage?

- Choice of gorgeous Asian masseuse

- Sexy, slippery Nuru massage

- Full body relaxing massage

- Optional Hand job

- Optional Blow Job

- Optional Full service

- Optional 4 Hands upgrade ( two masseuses instead of one)

- Happy ending finish


1 Hour £120
2 Hours £240
Each Additional £100


1 Hour £140
2 Hours £280
Each Additional £120

Amy 21 Korean

Lilly 20 Japanese

Lisa 20 Korean

Foxy 22 Japanese

Isabelle 21 Japanese

Akemi 20 Korean

Misty 23 Japanese

Yoshi 20 Korean

Suzu 21 Korean

Nelly 22 Korean

Yuki 23 Korean

Anna 22 Japanese

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