Prostate massage in London

Prostate massage


If you’re craving eye-rolling pleasure and a heightened sexual experience, look no further. A prostate massage is the one you need to try. Also known as prostate milking, this massage is a deeply sensual, highly erotic stimulation of your prostate gland. Our sexy masseuses can tickle your fantasies and give you a thrill like no other. Their magic hands know many wild tricks that can make you groan in desire and their sweet little mouths know exactly how to suck and kiss you until you explode.

Our massages aren’t just massages – they are exotic fantasies that have come to life. Every man will have dreamt of getting a naughty massage from a beautiful Asian woman, and our girls are no exception. They are angels with curves in all the right places and soft hands that can slowly stroke you to heaven. If you’ve been feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with life recently, our naughty oriental goddesses can sort you out. They can be shy and sweet, or teasing and dominating while your naked bodies are entwined in the thralls of hot passion. Whatever fetish you’ve been nursing, they can tickle for you.

When you choose a prostate massage with a Nude Asia Island masseuse, you are paying for luxurious quality and slow, passionate banging. Feel every inch of one of our Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese or Thai girls pressed up against you, her wet warmth slowly rubbing against your hard penis. When she senses this, she’ll slowly wrap her hands around you and gently begin to give you a handjob. If you’re lucky, she might even take you in her mouth and give you a blowjob.

As you’re entering true pleasure, she will excite you even more by slowly inserting a lubricated finger into your anus and gently stroking your prostate gland. This is a proper Asian prostate massage. If you’re afraid it’ll be painful, let us reassure you that our masseuses will always try to make it as pleasurable for you as possible. In fact, the prostate gland is actually known as the male G-spot. Our masseuses can combine the backdoor stimulation with full service – which can be a blowjob, handjob or more. Your senses will be on fire and your blood burning with passion. When you finally arch your back in pleasure and your orgasm hits you like a tsunami, the masseuse will start all over again. That’s right – our prostate massages feature multiple orgasms so you’re left truly stress-free and totally satisfied. Prepare for leg trembling pleasure that we bet you’ll be craving forever.

What’s included in the massage:

- 1 hr+ of deeply erotic, naked prostate massage time

- Choice of sexy Asian masseuse (choose from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese or Thai)

- Full body sensual massage

- Handjob

- Blowjob

- Full service

- Prostate milking

- Multiple orgasms

- Optional upgrade to 4 Hands (two masseuses)


1 Hour £120
2 Hours £240
Each Additional £100


1 Hour £140
2 Hours £280
Each Additional £120

Amy 21 Korean

Lilly 20 Japanese

Lisa 20 Korean

Foxy 22 Japanese

Isabelle 21 Japanese

Akemi 20 Korean

Misty 23 Japanese

Yoshi 20 Korean

Suzu 21 Korean

Nelly 22 Korean

Yuki 23 Korean

Anna 22 Japanese

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