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Tantric massage


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be touched and teased by a stunning Asian masseuse for over an hour? Have you ever imagined how much your body would tingle and shake as she used her soft hands to caress your most intimate areas? Of course you have imagined it- but this beautiful dream could soon become a reality- if you want it to be.

Our Tantric massages are a delicious mix of erotica and sensuality. Our masseuses do not dive straight in- they make sure you’re physically tingling with arousal before giving you what you want. They start by massaging the inside of your thighs; kissing your neck and grinding their hot naked bodies all over you. Descend into a deep state of relaxation and feel every brush of their fingertips across your horny physique as they drive your senses absolutely wild. Once you’re begging for it, our masseuses usually start by putting their magic hands to good use. Think you’ve had a good hand job before? Think again. You’ve never had anything like this before. You’ll be literally shivering with arousal as your toes curl and back arches.

But don’t worry- the fun is just starting. Our masseuses are unique because they are talented in many different areas. Not only are they expert Tantric performers, they’re also trained to make you scream with pleasure. Like the idea of watching them rub their asses, breasts’ and crotches all over you? Well just imagine how you’ll feel when they kiss down your body slowly and play with your hard penis using their wet tongue and lips. Sounds incredible doesn’t it? Trust us, it is.

Our masseuses do not just offer tantalising, one-of- a-kind Tantric massages, they give men like you happy endings that only dreams are made of. Our Tantric massages aren’t like others in London; they are the ultimate erotic experience. Pleasure is prolonged; refined and extended for as long as physically possible- which is why our clients experience the best orgasms you could imagine. Oh, and before we forget. Don’t worry if your arousal gets the better of you. Our masseuses offer a full service, so you can rest easily knowing every single one of your erotic fantasies could come true in as little as an hour for now. The choice is yours.

What you get in the price

- Full body relaxing massage

- Full body Tantric massage

- Optional hand-job

- Optional blow-job

- Optional full service

- Happy Ending finish

- The most incredible pleasure you’ll ever experience.


1 Hour £120
2 Hours £240
Each Additional £100


1 Hour £140
2 Hours £280
Each Additional £120

Amy 21 Korean

Lilly 20 Japanese

Lisa 20 Korean

Foxy 22 Japanese

Isabelle 21 Japanese

Akemi 20 Korean

Misty 23 Japanese

Yoshi 20 Korean

Suzu 21 Korean

Nelly 22 Korean

Yuki 23 Korean

Anna 22 Japanese

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